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Living With Eve provides help, tools, and resources for homeschool families who want to grow stronger, together

New Homeschoolers

Are you new to homeschooling? A great place to start your journey is with the practical support you'll find in Leilani's book, Freedom to Learn, an essential addition to any homeschool library.

Learning With God Curriculum

Enjoy time learning with your child while engaging them in activities that will teach them phonics, counting, matching, songs, coloring, writing, and more all while incorporating the truth about who God is in their life.

Overall, these worksheets make a great supplement to any curriculum you are using.

Evaluations & Consultations

Leilani offers Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations and testing for Florida families and Consultations for all families across the globe. Click on the "appointment" to be redirected to where you can learn more and sign up for an appointment with Leilani.

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Meet Leilani Melendez...

Hi, my name is Leilani. A few years ago when I began my Youtube channel, Living With Eve, I could never have imagined the positive response from homeschool families who found my insights as a certified teacher and homeschool evaluator to be helpful to their families. Today I share with families at conferences and through one-to-one coaching in addition to providing homeschool evaluations and practical resources on my Youtube channel. I'm so excited to be able to serve this community and support families so we can all grow together!

My approach to support

homeschool families

I support homeschooling as a great choice for many families. Our channel and resources can help guide you with:

Decision to Homeschool Icon

The decision to homeschool

We believe that every parent who chooses homeschooling can become a capable homeschool educator.

Parents as Educators Icon

Parents as


We believe that parents have both the God-given right and responsibility to educate their children as they grow.

With and For Family Icon

With your family,

for your family

We believe that homeschooling creates a blessing for all family members and the entire family can engage in the process..

Developing Your Homeschool Icon

Developing your homeschool

We believe than any family willing to homeschool should be offered the practical support they need to educate at home.

Consulting, Testing, and Evaluations

Would you like some one-on-one time with Leilani Melendez? Schedule a consult, coaching session, testing session, or portfolio evaluation today!

For more details on consulting, testing, and evaluations, see below:

Online Portfolio Evaluations

$40 for 1 student
$80 for 2 students (per family)

$120 for 3 students (per family)

$150 for 4 students (per family)

*For 5 students or more, add an additional $30 for each child (per family)

Homeschool Consultation & Choice Navigator Information

This will be a 1-hour consultation one-on-one, specific to homeschool. We can discuss your plans, how to plan, special needs, evaluations, high school, college, curriculum, scholarships, and more. The hour is dedicated to you and any questions you may have in regard to homeschooling. Please fill out the google form to help me understand your situation more.

Please be mindful of the time because I do book back to back. If you need more time you can sign up for a 2 hour block.

1-hour: $80

PIAT Testing

The Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT) assesses the abilities of pupils and students in the following areas;

General information:

It evaluates general knowledge.

Reading recognition:

It assesses the capability to speak out words audibly and identify published letters.

Reading comprehension:

It measures reading understanding.


It tests the understanding and application of mathematical principles and theories.


It assesses abilities to spell words correctly.

Written Expression:

In the written subject area, two categories of language abilities are evaluated.

The first category, which is for Kindergarten and Grade 1 assesses pre-writing skills.

In contrast, the second category, which is for pupils and students in grade 2 through 12, assesses their abilities to craft a story about a picture.

Test Format:

The Peabody Individual Achievement Test is an oral test.

Duration of the test:

The test lasts for a maximum of 70 minutes, followed by a 30-minute review with parents.


Students need to use a pencil for the written expression section.

Cost: $80

(Accepted forms of payment: Paypal, Venmo, Cash App and check.)

Events and Conferences

Leilani Melendez is a featured speaker and contributor at homeschool events and conferences across the country.

Contact her at [email protected] to find out if she can lend her voice to your community!

Testimonials for
Freedom to Learn

Leilani's vast knowledge and experience is helpful to anyone in making the decision to homeschool. Her enthusiasm is infectious!


I feel like I want to buy this book for all of my homeschool mom friends, along with anyone that ever asks why I choose to homeschool.


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