Favorite Curricula & Resources

Below, you will find links to my favorite curricula and helpful resources for homeschooling parents. Whether it’s a great book for encouragement or if it’s a curriculum, these are my go-to’s. 

IEW: Language Art Curriculum

This is hands-down my favorite language arts curriculum. Perfect for any age, K-12. And, it is a full language arts curriculum. That means it not only has materials for writing, but grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Take a look at their website at this link. You may also watch my video on this curriculum below.

Teaching Textbooks for Math

There are so many reasons why I love Teaching Textbooks, even though I’m a huge math person. It lays such a beautiful foundation, takes care of the grading, it’s trustworthy, and so much more. Find out more about why I love it by watching my video linked below. Also, you can click this link to find out how you can try it for free!

Indoor Sensory Swing

I have kids that love this sensory swing. We got it for my youngest daughter, but you wouldn’t be surprised to find my other kids reading, swinging, and even writing in this swing. Best purchase we ever made! If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can find my amazon link in the description of the video I linked below.


Truthquest is an amazing history curriculum that really pushes your student to explore history from a biblical worldview. Learn more about it in this video.

Handwriting Without Tears

We loved using this to help my kids develop strong pre-writing and writing skills. Check out this video to learn more about how I used them with my kids.

Reviewing All My Favorite Science Curriculum

Everything from Masterbooks and Apologia to Nutrition 101 and Answer In Genesis, I review it all. See what my favorite Science faith-based ones are.