Freedom to Learn Book Cover

Freedom to Learn:
Choosing Your Homeschool Path to Victory

Classrooms are overcrowded and understaffed. 

Teachers are underpaid and overwhelmed. 

Scores are at an all-time low.

Student anxiety is at an all-time high.

The question on every parent’s lips is: What about my child? For many, it’s time to rethink their child’s education. Often, the best new path for many families is homeschooling. With all the resources and help out there, surely there is a program that will work? Well, sometimes all those resources create yet another problem. All the curricula, schedules, and state requirements can make parents feel overwhelmed and anxious. They’re asking:

  • Where do I even start?
  • What about academics?
  • How do I make the most of these precious years?
  • Who can help me?

    Meet Leilani Melendez, public and private classroom teacher, state-certified homeschool evaluator, and homeschooling mother of four. In Freedom to Learn, Leilani not only covers all the basics for new homeschooling parents getting started, but delves deep into her rich experience as a homeschool evaluator to help parents who might be struggling to make their children’s homeschooling experience what they first imagined it would be.

    You’ve heard that with freedom comes responsibility. It’s true. It also comes with great joy, creativity, and the opportunity to create a lasting impact for generations. If your family is considering homeschooling, or has tried it and struggled, Leilani is here to help. You have the freedom to teach, and your child has the freedom to learn. Together, Leilani will help you find the path that works for your family.

    Join us on our journey of learning, living, and loving!

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    About Us

    A homeschooling mom of four kids, Leilani applies her 10+ years of experience as a classroom teacher to provide homeschool evaluator services to Florida families. Leilani’s youngest has Down’s Syndrome, which has inspired her to start connecting with other families on similar journeys to share support, information, and encouragement…because all families are exceptional!